About us

Established in 1990, New Leaf has grown to be one of London’s premier recycling companies.

Currently, we collect from over 400 customers and recycle nearly 100 tonnes of waste paper and electronic equipment a month.

We pride ourselves on a reliable and efficient service at competitive rates.

Our aim has always been to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. Every scrap of waste paper we collect is sent to a paper mill to be turned into recycled waste paper or tissue. Electronic waste is either refurbished or fully recycled into its component parts for re-use.

We are licenced by the Environment Agency as a registered waste carrier. To download a copy of our Certificate of Registration please go to the downloads section.

“We have used New Leaf Recycling since 1999 & their service has been excellent and their rates very reasonable. Why go elsewhere?”

John Mahon
Wolters Kluwer (UK) Ltd
Kingston upon Thames

Reducing waste – If all the aluminium cans in the UK were recycled there would be 12 million fewer full dustbins every year.