Laptop Recycling in South West London

New Leaf Recycling has a dedicated IT recycling team that’s responsible for laptop recycling in South West London. They can securely handle the recycling of any number of redundant or faulty laptops from your home or business.

As a laptop may contain a large amount of confidential data such as photos, emails, social media or bank account information, our priority is ensuring the data from your laptop is safely removed. On receipt of the item at our secure unit, we will remove the hard drive and wipe it using our specialist hardware.

This overwrites the hard drive seven times to the Department of Defense (DOD) standards. We record the details and provide a certificate to confirm the process is complete. We can also offer to physically destroy the hard drive if that is a preference or if the hard drive is already faulty.

New Leaf was established in 1990 to offer individuals and businesses a practical and cost-effective way of diverting waste from landfill. Recycling is only part of the story as items such as laptops can be given a new lease of life by refurbishing the machine and re-installing windows or Linux.

We can then offer the laptop for resale to our well-established network of computer buyers, many of whom supply developing countries such as Africa or India. Your old laptop that is languishing in a drawer or cupboard could well be a student’s lifeline to a better education.

If the machine is beyond reasonable repair, then we will ensure it is recycled correctly and by following the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive). The battery is removed and recycled separately, and the laptop is sent to a specialist recycler in the UK that granulates the whole machine to separate the items into its component parts, namely plastic, metal and precious metals thus providing raw materials for new production.

For all your laptop recycling in South West London requests ask one of our team for more details today or complete the online enquiry form.

Our priority is ensuring the data from your laptop is safely removed.

Laptop recycling in South West London