Waste paper recycling

Waste paper recycling saves energy and prevents a valuable resource from being needlessly dumped.

All types of paper can be recycled, although market demand for waste paper varies making certain grades more economically viable to collect.

What we collect

Our low-cost office paper recycling scheme allows you to save white and coloured letterhead and copier papers. We usually ask for a minimum of ten sacks for each collection, but there is no time limit on how often we collect.

If you wish to have other types of paper collected for recycling – we can arrange to collect large quantities of leaflets and magazines or remove any quantity of archive waste paper from your storage area. For details on confidential waste disposal see our link to security shredding.

What we supply

When you recycle with us, we supply tough re-usable sacks free of charge. They are white and measure 65 cm by 100 cm. Our range of recycling bins and containers will help you save waste paper more effectively.

Wasted paper – The amount of waste paper buried each year would fill 103,448 double decker buses. If these were parked nose to tail, they would reach all the way from London to Milan

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