Security shredding

New Leaf provides a security shredding service for confidential documents and once shredded or pulped ‘Certificates of secure disposal’ are provided.

Confidential document shredding

New Leaf offers a high quality and economic disposal service for your confidential documents. ‘Certificates of secure disposal’ are issued once the paper has been shredded or pulped. All the paper is ultimately sent for recycling which benefits the environment.

Security shredding – the service

New Leaf can handle any type of paper, in any quantity, from a few bags to large warehouse clear-outs. We supply tough, specially marked sacks (60cm by 90cm) with security tags, to ensure the safe handling of your confidential documents.

Any type of paper can be put in the sacks but plastic or metal (excluding paperclips and staples) should be kept out. Sacks containing plastic or metal can be shredded but will be charged at a slightly higher rate.

Security shredding – costs

We charge £4.75 plus VAT per sack plus a fixed service and collection charge of £35.00 plus VAT. For larger quantities of material (30 or more sacks), there may be a discount on this rate. If you are local to us and wish to deliver 1-5 sacks please call or email the office to discuss rates.

To find out if your organisation is in our collection area and for more information about this service, please click here.

Data protection – Under the Data Protection Act, companies are responsible for the security of personal information.

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